For 24/7 crisis support please call Mensline

1300 78 99 78

Are you Doing it Tough?

We connect men in NSW who are doing it tough with support services, based on where you live, the challenges you face, and the way you want to be supported.

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What support do you need?

We understand that there are many factors that lead to men doing it tough. Let us know what challenges you are facing right now and we will connect you with the right service to help you.

Find the right support for you

Whether you are looking for support online, in person, or just want to connect with other men in similar situations. We have over 150 NSW based community led organisations and services that are there to support men doing it tough.

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Check out our resources

Our resource library is full of useful information designed for men from local community organisations. It contains a range of videos and articles that can help you overcome the challenges you are facing.

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“Thank you for creating this website to improve the mental health of men.”- Hugh McDermott, State Member for Prospect